Location : Riyadh
Energy Tower history:-
Energy tower establishment founded in
11/4/1428 H , It scope of work in communication
Towers Networks & systems , installation &
maintenance civil work and electromechanical work
Energy Tower Est. has executed some
projects for some big companies :-

1) Motorola.
2) Seder CO.

Energy Tower work Team :-
Energy tower relies in work on a high qualified
Team experienced in its field. we have the team of Engineers, Civil Engineers, Telecom Engineer, Surveyor,
Tower Technicians, Field Labor, Drivers.
we have the latest tools, There are a wide range of tools available for our workers. A tool is an instrument
used for doing work. It can be anything that helps you accomplish a goal.

Once the objectives of the project have been set, a project plan should be produced in the
form of a project handbook to all participants. As this serves as a guide, the more detail it
contains to direct the project, the more likely the project will run consistently and successful.
It is also necessary to involve all relevant parties in planning where the principles and details
of the project are discussed and agreed.